Quadrix Philosophy

A game that will never gets old!

Quadrix is a game that attempts to evoke the familiarity and nostalgia of the 80’s game style while at the same time having new challenges and unique gameplay. The game takes the cliche “standing on the shoulders of giants” and runs with it to create a new experience out of past greatness.

Our game runs on web browsers. We believe that this provides the best gameplay experience while exposing Quadrix to the largest audience possible. This also allows our company the option to run ads on our website to help generate some revenue.


Game Specification

Rules and Mechanics

The playable space of Quadrix is shaped like a large plus (+) symbol. Each of the four segments of the plus is called a well. At the beginning of the game, all four wells are empty. Once the game begins a block called a tetromino will spawn in the center of the space and move toward one of the four wells. Once this tetromino reaches the bottom of the well it comes to rest there and will remain there as an extension of the bottom of the well. After this, tetrominoes will continue to spawn one at a time in this way and eventually begin to “pile up” in each well.


User Interface


The user interacts with Quadrix solely with the keyboard. The keyboard controls have been chosen to make gameplay intuitive and easy to master.




The gameplay of Quadrix is simple, but don’t let that fool you; Quadrix is fast-paced and just when you think you have gotten the hang of it the pace quickens until it becomes so frenetic that even the most skilled players cannot keep up.

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